Fall Color Series: Spotlight on Mykonos Blue


As fall rolls on and we're looking to add a bit more color to our wardrobe we have decided to put our Fall Color Series spotlight on Mykonos Blue. This color, inspired by the rich tones and oceans around Greece, is a great way to add a bold and classic pop of color if light and bright accents aren't your thing.


Mykonos Blue works well as a stand-alone color but also compliments darker grays (such as Pantone's Turbulence) and brighter colors (think Pantone's Emerald and Samba). Here are some fun ways to add Mykonos blue to your fall lifestyle: 


Home Decor: If you want a big color accent, try painting an old bookshelf or dresser blue (find out how to paint wood here). For a smaller change, spray paint a few picture frames blue or add golden Dahlias to a Mykonos Blue vase (check out this easy vase DIY!)

Fashion: Mykonos Blue is a great color to play with in your wardrobe because it is a great color for all seasons. Our favorite ways to wear it are as a piece of statement jewelry or on a fun, patterned dress. 

Makeup: Add a dark blue matte eyeshadow to the crease with a matte nude eyeshadow all over the lid. Pair it with a rosy cheek and nude lip (we recommend our Cinnamon Spice blush and Sandy lip gloss!) for a fun fall look. 


Since blue is always a staple in our wardrobe, it's fun to mix it up and pair it with brighter colors. Stay tuned for more from our Fall Color Series!