Why Pink?


Why do I love pink so much? Let me count the ways. First of all it’s just so darn pretty. I mean, come on. How can you not feel a little twinge of happiness when you’re in the pink? Ever since I was a little girl I loved, loved pink! Ballerinas with beautiful pink tutu’s graced my bedroom walls. Hand painted with love by my father. Since I grew up with three brothers and was surrounded by a bunch of boy gear I had to have a little girl place to escape to! Okay yes, I did own a baseball bat, a hockey stick and softball because if you can’t beat them you’ve got to join them, and all that….  But I’m still a girlie girl at heart!


And my love for fashion? That started young. Check out a couple of these ensembles. I guess my love affair with purses started about then to which has morphed into shoes, clothes and lest I forget, Makeup! My most recent pink purchase? Check it out, this fabulous pink PVC skirt from Topshop. Sorry for the poor pic, it looks much better on. The best part besides the great color and that it’s on trend? If you’re a spiller like me you can just wipe it down and you’re good to go! Another pink score? This Elie Tahari Fuchsia blouse. Love it! And the tiny tot in the pink Chanel-like suit with matching shoes? My best friends niece. Take that Suri you know who! Finally soak in the sheer beauty of this stunning pink number from our good friend Zang Toi. Really, let it wash over you. Believe me no one does high fashion like Zang. It’s not only an honor to call him a friend but it’s a real gift to be able to get up close and personal to his collections. Genius!


What else do I love in pink? Peonies in the spring. Between the smell and sheer beauty you better believe there’s a higher power at work. And how much do you love the little touch of pink on a baby’s cheek? Perfection!


So bringing it around to cosmetics, my love for pink convinced me to insist it be one of my company colors back when the idea to start this brand was just percolating at my kitchen table. Yep, that’s the truth. At the proverbial kitchen table. The color pink also brings me to the month of October, which is of course Breast Cancer Awareness Month. There’s an absolutely lovely woman I know who founded an amazing organization named Bright Pink (there’s that word again) that’s devoted to bringing attention to the disease to younger women. Kindly spend $100 during the month of October on our website or in our Studio and receive either our Amazing Hot Pink Blush or our Amazing, sexy, sheer-pink Lisa Hot Pink Lip-gloss as our gift then we’ll donate $10 to “Bright Pink.”


Pink = Perfect.