Deck The Brows Kit
Deck The Brows Kit

Deck The Brows Kit
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Deck the Brows and Make Them Wow!

Fill and correct, tame and shape with our Deck The Brows Kit. This limited edition kit features our expertly angled Brow Brush and signature Brow Powder which can be used wet or dry to sculpt professional-looking brows in a snap. The brush also works with eyeliner to add depth and definition.

Using the angled Brow Brush start at the inner corner of the brow, and brush Brow Powder in short, light strokes following the direction of hair growth.

"It’s incredible what filling in your brows can do to define your look and a big bonus, it takes years off!” - Sue Katz, Founder


Discount codes to not apply to kits, unless specifically indicated. Limit 3 kits per customer.

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