Beauty + Wellness

First it was clean, now its wellness. From the day we launched the company we swore we’d not ‘do trends’. Not saying we’d discount something of value if it became mainstream but as we’ve aged along with our brand, we’ve seen a lot of so-called trends pop up and sadly many have been more designed to exploit rather than help and empower.

We live in a time of exceedingly more information than I think many of us know what to do with or how to sift through what has merit and what doesn’t. On top of that, who has the time to really understand something we don’t know a lot about? If it’s something we ingest or put on our skin then it’s probably worth digging into the facts but again, it’s finding the time.

Many of us are stretched with our daily commitments that when new options are presented and trying to nudge us to change our ways it can be exhausting, even if it’s supposed to be good for us. We’ll talk about clean beauty another time but what’s up with this wellness trend? Is it a trend? Is it just a positive way to look at yourself and take some action to improve your health, both body and mindset? How does it intersect with beauty? How do we think about wellness at it relates to our brand/products?

This is only my opinion, nothing scientific but when I hear the term wellness I take it as what can I do to improve my total well-being. What does it mean to me and our products? It’s super simple, it’s what makes me feel good about myself and how beauty products contribute. I don’t have the perfect complexion. Sure, I had decent skin when I was younger, but age takes a toll no matter how hard you try to stave it off. I take good care of my skin not only my face but all over. Yet, I know there’s more I could be doing but it goes back to time. How much of it do I have to devote to a nightly or morning ritual?

I love to moisturize, wash my face well, use sunscreen, never go to bed without removing my makeup and the good stuff that most of us have had drilled into us. I apply thoughtful skincare every day. And when I apply my makeup each morning I use our complexion products and I do feel WELL. I believe I look healthy which contributes to me feeling healthy so regardless of what others may think I feel good about myself so for me that’s wellness. It’s become an industry for sure, but I think we can simplify it and take small steps in our busy lives that gets us to a place of confidence whether it’s makeup, skincare, eating “right” or working out, it’s about doing what you can in the time you have without feeling guilty or bad about your choices.

Wishing you well and thanks for being here.