How To Color Correct

We created our Color Correctors to combat pesty undertones that break through even high pigment concealers and foundations. The basic idea is to use the shade and depth of shade on the color wheel across from the undertone you would like to cancel and apply that first to keep that undertone under control. Because we’ve made these super concentrated, tiny amounts do the job. Pin dot on, pat in and it’s then like starting with a blank canvas when you apply your shade of concealer or foundation.

We offer 3 variations with 2 shades each to combat the average issues each skin tones face.


Fair/Light includes a
light green/blue shade and a light peach shade. Fair skintones tend to blemish and scar a bright pink/red and our green/blue combats pink/red. They also need a lighter shade of peach to combat their lighter blue and purple undertones usually found under eye. 


Light/Medium includes a
yellow shade and a peach shade. Medium skin tones tend to blemish and scar more of a purple/deep pink and our yellow
combats those tones. Peach is the universal corrector for the purple/ blues that are typical undertones found under eye for
medium skintones.


Medium/Deep includes a
terracotta and an apricot shade.  Deeper skin tones tend to blemish and scar a purple/brown.  Our terracotta shade combats those purple/brown tones and our apricot takes care of the deeper blue/browns associated with under eye discoloration.

Where To Use Color Corrector:

The most common use for our Color Correctors is under the eye. Choose the color that combats the tones you see under your eyes and apply the corrector before your concealer. We’ve loaded these with skincare ingredients like Vitamin E, Cucumber Extract, Ceremides and Sodium Hyaluronate which all help to hydrate, depuff and protect the delicate skin around your eye.

Another common use is for redness. Whether you deal with a red nose, broken capillaries or acne, the green, yellow and terracotta colors work great at balancing redness.

To make marionette lines less noticeable, stripe the green, yellow or terracotta down the crease and blend out before foundation. 

To lift eyes, stripe the green, yellow or terracotta from the outside of your eye upward towards your end of brow and blend out.

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