How The Idea Began

We didn’t only want to launch a cosmetic brand on the internet in the early days because we thought it was a tool, we could leverage more easily than a traditional bricks and mortar type business, but we wanted to fill a need. As they often say look for “a white space”. Our research pointed to what was missing in beauty and it was concealer. Now the product is everywhere but twenty plus years ago that most certainly wasn’t the case.

We let our fingers doing the walking i.e., using the internet our new best friend to find a contract manufacturer we could at least have a conversation with. We were new at this, so everything was a learning experience. Luckily, we had an actual phone conversation with a local company who couldn’t assist us but did refer us to someone they thought could. That referral became our long-standing lab for not only the AMAZINGCONCEALER but most of our other products as well.

What makes this concealer so unique:

High Coverage

The concealer is known for its high coverage and ability to conceal various imperfections including dark circles, blemishes, and redness effectively.


The concealer has been formulated to be long-lasting and provide coverage throughout the day without the need for frequent touch-ups.


Always easy to blend allowing for a smooth and natural finish without looking cakey or heavy on the skin. Never creases and is undetectable.

Wide Range

We offer a diverse range of shades to cater to different skin tones, allowing users to find the most complimentary match for their complexion.


We like to say the concealer is multi-tasking so it can be used for various purposes, including covering up imperfections, highlighting certain areas of the face, or even as an eyeshadow base.


The brand is entering its 24th year so you know we must be doing something right. Your trust is important to us.

Next Steps

If you’re a creative type or just love seeing how product is made, development is for you. From the original product concept or idea to realizing a finished good is not only exciting but incredibly satisfying. Particularly when it’s for your own brand. The icing on the cake is seeing that product available out in the marketplace for others to enjoy. That feeling makes the effort worth it.

First, you work up a product brief which is a document you send to your lab that details what you’d like them to formulate, what ingredients you’d like them to include and those to avoid, what’s the purpose of the product, whose your customer, are you considering a specific retailer to introduce it to, what texture are you looking for, what is your acceptable price point so that you can cover the costs of goods and remain profitable and so on. New product development can be a time-consuming process so it’s good to understand that going in. Some brands say they can bring newness to market very swiftly but most of the time if you’re working at a high level and the focus is high performance then short cuts should be avoided.

Testing & Finalizing

In tandem with our contract manufacturer, we test for product stability and in-packaging stability. Sometimes these tests can be conducted by the lab and if they don’t have the resources then you retain a credited third-party company that strictly tests goods of this sort. We also register our product with the European Union and the UK which are much stricter than in the US. In taking this step there is a requirement for us to confirm and present proof that we’ve done all the testing that is mandated per each product’s formula.

However, the sky’s the limit when it comes to testing. There are tests many to choose from but not all are necessary. This is where it’s important to have a very good working relationship with your lab as they’re the chemists and they’ll typically understand which tests are best and guide you along with your EU partner agency as to what is required and what might be more fluff than anything else. Starting off it’s imperative to always do what’s right so you’re in compliance with the regulatory agencies for country or countries you plan of selling your products in.

For us starting small and being very strategic with each SKU resulted in excellent products that we’re very proud of.