How To: Conceal A Black/Discolored Eye  

Find yourself with a shiner? It can happen to anyone and not only painful but really embarrassing! No one wants to admit they’re clumsy and fell or ran into a door! In our model’s case, she was hit by a frisbee on the beach. Just one of those weird circumstances!

Your eye will go through a rainbow array of shades over the next few weeks as it gets deeper at first, then starts to fade. We have the tools needed to combat every color scenario your skin presents during this healing process.

Anti-Aging Face Primer

Our face primer contains Cassia Angustifolia, a botanical which has powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial properties that help to protect and heal skin.

Pat on a pin dot under your eye and a dime size on your whole face. The cooling and immediate hydration will feel amazing.

Color Corrector

Light/Medium if you are pale to a dark tan skintone. Medium/Dark if you are darker.

Pat or stripe on tiny amounts of the orange corrector on the darkest areas of your bruise. Try to keep it on just the dark area and keep it thick. As your bruise lightens, you will find you’ll need less of a thick layer.

Next, mix the yellow and orange together and pat on the rest of your bruise--again staying on the discoloration only. If you are darker, mix the terra cotta and orange together. I like to use my finger to pat on as to not blend any away.


Choose the shade that matches your chin line. Need help? Click here!

Pat on a pin dot amount on top of the Color Corrector and try not to blend any away. Start with less and add more only if needed. Again, using your finger to pat on will help keep it there.

Go back in with the orange Color Corrector if that dark purple start peeking through.


Our lightweight no shade finishing powder that blurs fine lines and pores.

Using a large fluff brush, pat on lightly over the whole area trying not to remove any concealer.