We're confused.

Are you just as confused about this as we are?

So much talk about ingredients, what’s trending, what’s good, what’s not, clean, dirty, organic, natural. 

A lot are just words not all based on factual information, which in itself is problematic and disingenuous to the beauty enthusiast. And sadly, a lot of it is profit driven. At Amazing, our products have always been created with your healthy skin in mind. Good-for-you ingredients that say yes to balanced beauty. Trusted products that perform, perfect and last! There are so many new brands getting to market faster than ever, but not here.


To honestly formulate with care and integrity the process takes a VERY long time. If we wanted to throw a lot at the proverbial wall quickly, we could do that as well but it’s just not what we’re about. We’re about simple, good-for-your skin beauty - without the fuss. When we started the company, our goals were to bring out products that did what they said they’d do and to not inundate the customer with such a large assortment that it would overwhelm them. Choice is great but too much of it can become one big distraction.

Proudly, we continue to be privately owned with the two-women founders at the helm, who facing all odds launched with nothing but a pretty good idea and a lone product. We’re still in it 20 years later creating products that make people feel good and are good for you!