A Message For Our Amazing Fans


This is a Spring like we’ve never experienced before. I was planning on writing a lighthearted piece on the upcoming season that a lot of us love. But it’s important to face issues head on and I wanted to connect with you and address the fact that we’re all in this together. Normally during this time of year, we say goodbye to winter and hello to new growth and what comes with it. Often new possibilities and opportunities.


But I’m going to do my best to remain as strong and as positive as I can, and I encourage each and every one of you to keep your heads up. The saying “this too shall pass”, has held true throughout history and I believe this situation is no different. Even though we are practicing social distancing, the entire world has united together during this difficult time. Our hearts also go out to fellow small business owners, who are also worrying about the economic health of their companies and the financial stability of their employees. Not to mention balancing that worry with concern for family members, friends and the public. We’re with you.


We at AmazingCosmetics recognize that when people look their best, they tend to feel better, too. If beauty products can offer any comfort during these trying times and you’re in a position to purchase, for now, we’re able to fulfill your order and we thank you. If not and your thoughts are on bigger concerns, we get that too. Just know that we’re eternally grateful for you, our amazing fans and we hope that you and your family stay healthy and safe! 💗