Behind The Scenes

Behind the Scenes – the not so sexy part of the beauty business is the key to optimal customer satisfaction. 

How the supply chain works -

Launching a cool new product sounds great, but it takes a long time. Sure, there are  some brands that get to market at super-sonic speed, but I grant you some crucial steps are sacrificed to make that happen. During the lengthy time it takes to go back and forth during product development, we’re also sourcing then testing the component which can’t be ordered until we’ve approved the formula. After we’ve selected which component works best, we place an order for a small number to be used for in-package stability testing, which is a 12-week process. We’ve been fortunate in that we’ve rarely ever had any issues that would cause us to go back to the drawing board with a replacement component, and thank goodness because you can imagine how that would add to our timeline. 

Once we secure approval that our formula and the component are compatible, we place the component order. In advance of that and in the hopes, it’ll have passed stability, we request the die lines from the supplier so we can begin the component design. When we place the order, we receive a range board in approximately 4 weeks.  The board can hold 6 or more of the components with our design. Our designs are usually spot on because we work with good people. But if there’s a problem, this would be the time to make any corrections. After we approve the artwork, we’re put on the supplier’s production schedule. The full production can take up to 3 months. If at all possible, we ship by boat. 

Most of our components come from overseas but our formulas are made in the US. Shipping by boat is more affordable than air, which we only use if we’re in a very tight time crunch. The tariffs cause an additional and unwelcome expense causing us to look elsewhere to help in containing costs. We do this so we can maintain our current retail pricing so to not adversely affect you - our customer. 

As our goods make their way across one ocean after another and finally arrive at our warehouse in the United States, we check the goods to make sure they’re in top condition. Then we prepare them for shipping to our formulator who we’ve been communicating with in preparation for the fill and assembly portion of the order. 

We operate AmazingCosmetics Distribution Center which has allowed us to retain control of the final leg of the entire operation which is to make sure our customers whether a single internet order, a small retail partner or a large retail partner successfully receive their product. Their satisfaction is what drives us each day to innovate and excel.