Why We Love Complexion Products

It all started 20 years ago with the AMAZINGCONCEALER, our iconic hero which retains that title even still. In a world saturated with consumer goods and new products popping up daily, it's a testament to any product or service that can withstand competition and change and continue to be the best. 

I’ve had more than a few iterations of work throughout my life, but during one of those my husband and I founded a rather cool pizza place with a friend, which we named The Dough Foundation because every good thing, including pizza, has to start with a good foundation. This has been my way of thinking for as long as I can remember. So when I forayed into the beauty business, I took that same philosophy and applied it to our first product, the above-mentioned brand hero. 

My partner who was a working makeup artist at the time really saw a white space for concealer over foundation. Foundations, with all due respect to how important they are and we have a great one, were a dime a dozen. But concealer? Back in the ‘old days’ it wasn’t even its own category. We take some pride in believing that our small brand had some impact on how that’s been reimagined over the years. Now the landscape is inundated with hundreds of concealers, and many of them good. Which…to be honest has made life a bit more challenging☺! But we’re okay with that. It only pushes us to keep up the original mantra of offering quality products that do what they say and that starts with the first step, right after skin care of course! First making sure your complexion has been addressed and is primed and ready for the remainder of your beauty routine. If your skin doesn’t look its best - all the blush, shadows and lip products won’t shine like they should!