Color Correcting 101

Do you think you need a color corrector?

For the majority of you, our concealers will do the trick. Our concealers are super concentrated and loaded with color correcting pigments that will cover just about everything.

There are however many issues that need that extra boost. There are also many of you that want complete perfection. That’s where color correctors come in. Whether you have the deepest of purple under eye circles or the darkest brown spots, adding the right color correcting shade under the right shade of concealer can make all the difference in helping you achieve that flawless complexion we all strive for.

Color correcting is not always exact. When I have a client in my chair, it can take some trial and error until we get it perfect. I wish you all could sit in my chair, but for those who can’t, we’ve written some guidelines to help you choose the correct shades. And don’t forget, we are always only a phone call away if you need some one-on-one assistance!

We offer 3 color correctors each with two shades. These are super concentrated, so a tiny pin dot on just the area that needs it is going to look the best. Follow up with a pin dot of your AmazingConcealer shade on top of the corrector for complete all day coverage that’s undetectable. You can find your perfect concealer shade by visiting our shade finder.

Our Fair/Light comes with a light peach on one side and green on the other. Generally, if your complexion is fair, your undereye circles tend to be a light blue or light purple and blemishes tend to be bright red.

Our Light/Medium comes with an orange on one side and yellow on the other. Generally, if your complexion is medium, your undereye circles tend to be blue or purple and your blemishes tend to be dark pink.

Our Medium/Deep comes with an apricot on one side and terra cotta on the other. Generally, if your complexion is dark olive and deep, your undereye circles tend to be dark blue/olive and your blemishes tend to be brown.

Hopefully this helps clear up any confusion on finding the perfect color corrector for you. Sometimes we just need a little extra help to get that flawless complexion. Color correctors can seem daunting, but they’re very easy to use once you know what you need. And keep in mind, a little goes a long way!

- Sue

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