Zoom Beauty

ZOOM BEAUTY - Worth it, or not? 

I’m in the business, so of course I say yes! But I also say do what makes you happy. Even in the Before Times (pre-Covid), I was someone who felt better and a little more confident when wearing makeup. Whether it be a workday at the office - when that used to be a thing- or a weekend day at home.

As I’ve gotten older my complexion has definitely changed, and sadly not for the better. I consider myself someone who in very general terms took relatively decent care of my skin through the years. I wasn’t fastidious about it, mostly because we didn’t know any better, but I didn’t totally abuse it either. I remember my mom and I laying out in the sun during the summer and she always had a scarf over her face. She wasn’t too concerned about the rest of her body, but she had the forethought to think about that one part, so I took some subliminal notes on that. It was still of the era where a lot of us used Hawaiian Tropic and even baby oil 😬. Speed up the clock to the current day where I don’t feel comfortable without a little something to boost my mood, even while working from home.


When I prep for a Zoom meeting, and if I have to turn my camera on, I make sure that I’m feeling confident in my appearance. I think using special lighting and tools in the hopes they’ll compliment your appearance (and possibly your background as well) is up to you and what the expectations are from the people you’re Zooming with. For most of us, it’s important that we make a good impression, so if using those extras offer you an edge, I say go for it.

For me, every day whether I Zoom or not, I religiously use concealer, a light bronzer/highlighter, a hint of blush and a setting powder so it all stays put. If I know I’m going to be ‘on camera’ I’ll pile on the mascara (love it), make sure my brows are in good order and definitely wear lip-gloss. Nothing too intense - since that’s just not me but enough to so that I feel good!