Giving Back

We’re a small brand, but we like to say that nonetheless we’re mighty. We try to do big things always from the heart, no matter the size of the pocketbook.

Over the years, we’ve done our best to give back and it’s even more important now in these uncertain times. When possible we band together and do what we can to lift others up. We’re real believers in getting more from giving than receiving. Sure, everyone says that but when you do it, you realize it’s a powerful thing and more than just words.

Often we give back with products and sometimes it’s dollars. We know both help. We dream large at times and wish our giving could be on an expansive scale, but when that’s not realistic we come back down to earth and accept that small gestures can be meaningful too.

Over the years we’ve been contacted by one incredible organization after another for a boost, and in turn we’ve discovered just as many on our own. We’ve seen so many good people doing good things to make the world whole. We’ve learned that the beauty industry is a caring one and we’re grateful for the opportunity to take up a small slice in it, and in turn give a hand when we can to those in need.

Please visit our Giving Back page to learn more.