Authenticity: Our Most Important Brand Value

When we first launched Amazing Cosmetics, one of the first things we committed to was authenticity. We vowed that our mission and our products would always be honest. And frankly being truthful is part of our DNA, and it’s not really that difficult to achieve.

It’s disappointing enough that people can be deceptive, but when it’s combined with a product or service, it’s even more painful. We’ve all been there. We’ve made a purchase and it doesn’t live up to what we had hoped. Then we reach out to the company and they’re not willing to stand behind their product, so we end up feeling taken advantage of - something we never want to happen at AMAZING.

Being a consumer long before a brand owner, I experienced this more times than I care to count. But when I decided to start a business, I made a commitment that we’d do everything in our power to not only develop products that performed as promised, but that our messaging would be real and that our customers would know we stood behind the efficacy of our products.

It’s tough these days to siphon through the heaps and heaps of misinformation in the marketplace. Mistruth is worse than ever, therefore we’re re-committing to the original mandate that you can count on us. Speaking of original, if you haven’t tried our hero the AMAZINGCONCEALER then we’d love for you to do so today and if you’re a fan then we thank you! It was our first product and is still the brand ‘star.’ We truly believe it’s because it was developed with good, honest intentions to bring you the very best.