Is Your Concealer Creasing?

We asked and your #1 concern with concealer was creasing so we thought we’d show you why that is happening and how you can prevent it!

Let’s start with how you’ve been taught to apply concealer ever since social media took over as the authority for teaching us about everything.

Influencers have been touting for years to apply layers and layers of concealer in a crescent shape under your whole eye, then blending in using a damp sponge. So that’s what you’ve been taught to do. It might look great for that moment and under perfect (filtered) lighting but when you step outside and smile or talk or squint, voila--creases.

Ask a professional makeup artist how to apply concealer and you’ll get a different lesson. They know the secret to perfect under eye application and that’s using tiny amounts of concealer with a super opaque formula at the inner and outer corners only and then pressing a setting powder over to seal.

They also value priming your skin before any application to fill in and help smooth the surface.


Steps to creaseless under eyes:

  • Step 1

    Apply a dime size amount of a lightweight primer all over face and one that can be used under eye. Let that set in for a few minutes. We recommend our Anti-Aging Face Primer with vitamins and botanicals. It’s a greaseless formula that smooths the surface, hydrates and nourishes your skin while helping to hold your makeup in place all day.

  • Step 2

    Place 2-3 pin dots of a super pigmented concealer at the inner and outer corners of your eye and tap out using your finger. You can use a damp sponge but tap in the product, don’t blend the product away. Professionals jumped on our AMAZINGCONCEALER the second they found out how concentrated and efficacious it is and haven’t stopped using it for the last 23 years.

  • Step 3

    Using a makeup pad or sponge, press a setting powder over the concealer to set it. We created our Velvet Mineral Powderset for this reason. It’s a jet milled, no-color setting powder that not only sets your makeup but fills in the blanks helping to create a poreless look. It does not layer so it can be applied throughout the day to refresh your application.

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