Join us on Threads!

Yes, another new social media platform.

Let's talk about this new app, Threads.

What is it?

Threads is essentially a form of Twitter, but it is integrated with Instagram. It allows you to create "threads" of chats.

We hopped onto this platform a couple days ago and we have to say, so far so good. It has shown most of the positives of Twitter without the negativity that comes along with these chat-based platforms. Everyone really seems to be enjoying it and having a lot of fun.

Another great aspect of this platform is that it allows brands and people to really show their personalities. You'll find lots of dry humor, opinions (in the best way) and fun memes on Threads.

What are we using it for?

As a beauty brand, we love to take advantage of these new platforms as it's another way for us to connect with our community and reach new people!

We will be sharing fun facts, tips, everyday thoughts and maybe a feeeew funny memes.

Sounds like something you'd like? Download the app and give us a follow!