Pro Aging vs. Anti-Aging

Why is either pro or anti something that we must be boxed into?  

We offer a product that we’ve named Anti-Aging Face Primer that we launched several years ago and it’s one of our top sellers. We give a lot of thought into what we name product, but we stay away from very specific terms or what might be trendy since you can go very deep into having to trademark titles or check to be sure that whatever you land on isn’t being used by another brand both of which can be challenging. You either spend time and money on the trademarking process to potentially end up being denied the ‘mark’ or spend time on researching if what you’ve selected is being used by someone else.

That said we chose the name for our primer because several of the ingredients have anti-aging attributes.

Marketers often drive how we talk and think about things and the names that are then attached to a concept, product or service. Then often they work to convince us whether something is good or bad. When it comes to aging, its inevitable. You’ve got to roll with it, but it also shouldn’t be considered a bad thing. It’s happening to each of us every day. Is it tough sometimes to view what we see in our collective stratosphere when it seems like we’re constantly inundated with people who are young and beautiful? Yes, it can often feel heavy. We’re human too but speaking for myself I must shake that off and remind myself I am who I am and I’m doing my best. 

What I might do to stay feeling younger, healthy and liking how I look might be different than what appeals to you. For example, I like Botox, but I don’t like fillers. But I know people who feel the opposite and know others who don’t partake in any treatments. I also love getting massages but understand some people do not like them at all and so on.

Is it okay to worry about getting older? I think if you feel that way then there’s no shame in admitting it. If you’re cool with the years stacking up, then that’s okay too. It’s better than the alternative. Both ways of looking at it are a mindset and you’re free to choose.


So, within the construct of the beauty industry, I believe it’s best to view whether you’re pro or anti with a grain of salt. Don’t get too caught up in semantics and stuck on the name of a product if you love it. If the formula works for you and makes you feel good, then for as much as brands often put a lot of time and money into what they name things you should probably just ignore that copy that might be on that little bottle or tubes of yours and enjoy!

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