Shooting For Social Media

There’s so much content floating around the myriad of social media platforms. It sounds almost quaint to talk about the old days of shooting on Youtube only now that we have so many choices of where to view anything and everything.

I won’t bother trying to decipher what goes into other brands filming but will offer a brief glimpse into how we approach it. Like most campaigns whether you think of them as marketing or something else it begins with an idea of what specifically we’d like to present to our audience. Internally we come together to discuss with the team that handles marketing and social media what we’d like to achieve, what’s the goal, what’s the message we’d like to get across to our customer and with us almost all the time it’s about educating on our assortment. The more you know is good for us all.

After we’ve decided the theme, we create an outline which makes filming more fluid. Not that we can’t change things up mid-stream but having a plan that’s on paper can keep things on track. The beauty of filming internally besides a huge cost savings is that we can adjust and even change our minds on something easily. If you’re working with an outside agency everything becomes more complicated. Not to say you can’t achieve a stellar work product by partnering that way and if you don’t have the inside people, you have no choice, but we prefer doing
things in-house.

The time it takes to film can be relatively quick depending on if you’re focusing on one product and what it does or if you’ll be filming more than one video and or several products. By this time in the life of our brand we have a mini-studio
within our office space with professional lighting and tools - pretty much all we need to film. We cannot say enough about the high quality that can be achieved with a simple iPhone as most people probably understand these days
with so many shooting pictures and videos themselves. However lucky for us our social media director also happens to be a professional photographer, so her editing skills are superior which really helps us develop exceptionally beautiful assets.

The actual filming aspect can nevertheless still be challenging. Getting the perfect shot at the perfect angle doesn’t happen without some effort! In the end we hope you find our imagery not only pleasing and fun to look at but educational as well. Our goal is to help you understand our products while at the same time learn a
little more about the brand and what we’re trying to achieve in our quest to develop and offer an assortment that you’ll love.

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