Summer Beauty Routine


My summer vs. winter line up doesn’t change too much but I’m aware of how the weather shift affects my skin (and my mood) so I still make some minor adjustments. I have skin that I always considered to be combination but over the years when getting facials (which I should do more often because I think they’re super helpful) the estheticians have told me that I’m more dry than anything which we all know is a pre-cursor to aging. I’m not against the concept of getting older but would love for my skin to hold out as long as possible!

Of course, I need to be more cognizant of staving off the dryness during the colder months which unfortunately we get quite a few in Chicago but since summer is my favorite season, I’m going to focus on that today... 



  1. I do use sunscreen, but I don’t rely on foundations that contain it. I’m of the belief that to get maximum sun protection you need a full-on product made just for that. I like La Roche-Posay sun products for the face. I find them to be sensitive without leaving a white cast.
  2. I apply an eye cream and a moisturizer before I begin with any primers or complexion products. I do switch these up pretty often so I’m not going to name any favorites, but we do have a pretty cool skincare idea brewing for our brand.
  1. After sunscreen application and moisturizing I take our Concealer Brush and apply a small amount under my eyes. I don’t blend yet.
  1. I apply our Smooth Creme Concealer with the same concealer brush on areas that may be light red or pink in tone or on a blemish. This concealer contains shea butter so it’s moisturizing and emollient but not quite as emollient as our AMAZINGCONCEALER (more on this later) so I prefer the Smooth concealer in the areas I mentioned because its consistency works good for me on those issues.
  1. I follow with a light layer of our Smooth Foundation which I squeeze onto the top of my hand, and I add to it a pea size amount of our Illuminate Primer Highlighter in the Bronze (sometimes the Rose shade). I mix both still on my hand with our Smooth blender. Then I take the blender and blend/press the mixture onto my entire face and go down my neck a little, just past my chin. If I have extra on my blender, I use it on my eyelids. If not, I use our AMAZINGCONCEALER which evens out the skin there and acts like a primer if you choose to wear shadow.
  2. While blending in my foundation and primer with our sponge, I blend my concealer that’s under my eyes at the same time. I will go back after my complexion products have all been applied and might pin dot the AMAZINGCONCEALER on any problem areas that still are showing through. It’s our hero for a reason. It will cover pretty much everything!
  3. I follow with our Line Smoother Primer. It’s gentle enough to apply on top of your complexion products but sometimes I use it or our Anti-Aging Face Primer before any complexion products. Our assortment is super versatile. We’ve developed our products to be very easy to use. Makeup should not be overly complicated. That’s our mantra! Our Line Smoother Primer does a terrific job of naturally blurring fine lines. I just love it. On the other hand, our Anti-Aging Primer (you can use both at the same time, neither layers or builds up) is amazing at moisturizing and keeping your makeup on all day so it’s a winner if you’re exposed to a lot of humidity and heat. Years ago, a celeb makeup artist friend of ours was working with a well-known musician shooting a music video on a roof top in Nashville in the middle of summer and the director pulled her over and asked why the musician’s makeup wasn’t needing touchups like what would typically occur, and she said it was because she used our face primer!
  4. After I apply all the above, I add a bit of cream blush. We’re experimenting with a new one for your range.
  5. My final step is to apply our Velvet Mineral Powderset setting powder which has been in our range for 20 years and is truly iconic. On the surface it looks to be an opaque white, but it goes on sheer with no color yet blurs pores and eliminates shine. It’s great in the heat as well because you can apply throughout the day, if necessary, without worrying about build up. This product is a life saver in rejuvenating your complexion in one fell swoop. I even use it is under my eyes applying with a small fluffy brush gently pressing into my skin. No worries about it settling into fine lines and a bonus - it helps my concealer stay put.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I hope it helps you enjoy your summer even a little bit more! 🌞❤️

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