We're Grateful For You

It’s been a tough couple of years for millions of people including me personally and professionally. Honestly, I feel simultaneously out of sorts and low but grateful for mine and my families and friends’ good health and general wellbeing. Yet feeling happy and sad predictably go hand in hand these days.

Looking out at our global community and seeing so much suffering I wonder what more I can do as an individual and as a business owner. Often, I feel like very little will make a dent in affecting others in a positive way. But I do believe small acts of kindness can have big effect on whoever is on the receiving end of said act. So, I vow to keep that up as best as I can.

During the twenty some years that we’ve been in business we’ve been so very fortunate to be able to help our customers with complexion concerns that often cause them great distress. It’s always a privilege to in some small way offer a solution to a problem. We’ve also been able to partner with organizations that align with what we care about so there’s gratification in that too.

However, these days the world can at times feel extremely off kilter. We remain an indie company with limited resources, but we are a legacy brand and hope that in some small ways we’ve made a difference and will try our hardest to continue traveling down that path.

We wanted you all to know that we get it. That life can be hard and you’re not alone. But we’re exceedingly grateful to our loyal customers and embrace those of you who are new. So many of you have reached out with a kind word about what we’re doing and that honestly keeps us going.

Thinking of everyone during these challenging times and hopeful for sunnier, brighter days.