Why I Wanted To Start My Own Business

Why did I want to start AmazingCosmetics? For a couple of reasons. I spent my 20’s super confused not knowing exactly what I wanted to do and the more and more I wondered time slipped by and it got harder and harder. Before I knew it, I was in my 30’s and having children. I’ll come back to why having kids made my decision to work for myself an easy one, but the second reason is that I grew up with 3 brothers and I had to stand up for myself to be heard. Even as a young girl I resented not being able to do what the boys did because I handled myself just fine at home. Then to be out in the world only to be told you can’t do stuff well that really pissed me off because I knew I could. Like when I wanted to play football and not be on the side lines cheering the boys. I’ve not nothing against being a cheerleader. Some of my best friends were on cheer but it wasn’t for me. Plus, it was the 70’s so football was in no way “for the girls”. I don’t know if I would have been good at it, but I would have loved to have tried.

I became fueled by the idea that I was destined for bigger things than what people only expected I was capable of and that girls were just as smart and able as boys. Usually more so. I’ll admit though that I went through a tough spell in not being able to identify what I really wanted to do and that began to whittle away my self-esteem, my confidence. That’s a long road to travel back from once you get to a low point. However, after I had my two sons, I got back some of my strength as I realized that if you could parent and I felt like I was pretty good at it meaning they were still alive and seemed to be happy kids then maybe I could do something for myself and be okay at that too.

As many of us pause to celebrate Women’s History Month and are possibly thinking more about the contributions, women have offered society I’m more grateful than ever to those who came before us and paved the way so that our road might be a little less bumpy. Not smooth as silk and not without big hurdles to still overcome but there’s been progress.

I hope that the more women feel empowered and see themselves represented in places where they weren’t seen before that they more naturally and confidently know they can go there. It may not be perfect, but nevertheless I recommend carving out your own road and walking it. Whether you decide to start your business or join someone else’s I hope that you find fulfillment and happiness in that decision. My path has been gratifying and I wish the same for you. 💗