Cruelty Free

As a brand we’re committed to being good stewards for the planet and those who inhabit it, including our furry friends.

We’re not a massive corporation, you all probably know we’re a small, woman-owned company doing our best to make decisions that are positive.

We discussed in a previous blog our business in China and how we operate in the country without testing on animals . We’re proud of the work we did to be able to make that happen as it was an effort. Yet it was still important for us to bring the brand to another part of the world where people seem legitimately interested in what we have to offer, making the hard work worth it.

We’re gratified to see companies in numerous sectors becoming more thoughtful and respectful of nature and the planet. We’re also grateful when larger companies step out in front of the pack and often at somewhat of a detriment to their bottom line, and institute bold operations that positively affect this place we call home. When big brands step up and do the right thing it paves the way for the rest of us. I don’t want to give the impression that without them we wouldn’t be making good decisions, but it often helps when the path has been cleared a bit for the rest of us. It can be a challenge at times to be the David in the old David vs Goliath tale.

It sickens us though to still see the cruelty imposed on animals throughout the world for numerous reasons in the name of commerce. Actions like this are in our opinion greed centric. It never ceases to amaze me the number of people who put profit over anything and everything else. It sadly shouldn’t be shocking as it’s so prevalent, but at least for me it still shakes me to my core when I come upon an example of someone brutalizing a helpless animal so they can distribute and make money off of a consumer good.

I believe there are wonderful people and organizations working towards eliminating these brutal tactics. People care and I see so much good happening and old practices being done away with. The realist in me accepts that we most likely won’t ever wipe out all the pain and suffering we see, but the optimist in me hopes for less of it to occur. That we can work towards a kinder place where we appreciate the innocence of animals. That they don’t have a choice in being hunted down. That we respect their place on the planet. That it’s their home as well as ours. That it behooves us to share it with them and to not forget what they contribute to its goodness.