Working From Home

I’m like millions of others who’ve been working from home these last several months. It’s been weird to say the least to not arrive at my office each day, see my team and to just be at my desk doing my thing. But I’ve learned that it’s certainly possible to be as effective and sometimes more so doing my work remotely. I’m super lucky that my kids are older, and I wasn’t in the position of having to homeschool and keep them occupied, while simultaneously trying to run a company. I commend all of you who’ve had to do this and applaud your efforts!

What’s been good about working from home? The convenience of walking from my upstairs to my downstairs office in a minute. The peace and quiet. I’m alone all day with the occasional sound outside, like right now of a lawn mower revving up. Focus, I’m able to really drill down to what needs to be done. To be honest less personal upkeep. I do wear makeup and pay attention to my hair, but not to the extent when I’m at the office. The same goes for my daily fashion choices. I’m pretty much living in Adidas track pants. It’s become my at-home-work-uniform and I’m loving it. I begin work earlier and usually end my day later than when I’m at my office, which I think I’ll add to the next paragraph of what I’m not loving about this set-up!

What’s been not so good? Missing my team and experiencing that social connection that can be so gratifying. Being able to just step in my partners office and run an idea past her. Easy access to products when I run out! Brainstorming strategy in-person. Wearing makeup and getting dressed up. *See above ☺ 

It’ll be interesting to see what changes arise from these unsettled times. I think we’ll see a more solitary workforce, but not completely,  as I do believe us humans regardless of our differences still need one another more than we don’t.

Wishing each one of you and your loved one’s good health and better days ahead.

- Lisa