What’s in a Title?


We have recently been undergoing a bit of restructuring here at Amazing and we face the issue of creating or changing titles for all of our employees. This is such a challenge because when you are a smaller entrepreneur, there are so many “hats” worn by your employees that trying to select just one is nearly impossible. It is also in typical corporate fashion that we are to select standard titles from the Corporate America Title Handbook (does that exist!?)


Anyway, here at Amazing, not only are we far from a stereotypical American corporation, we also happen to be in the greatest industry in the world, BEAUTY!  This line of business encourages stepping out of the box and promoting unique individualism.  It is an industry that holds “girl power” at the top of the pedestal, something the standard corporate America would just not be able to comprehend.  That’s our little secret in this fantastic line of work, which in my opinion, has the best people in the world! 


So with all that said, Lisa Thurman is now Founder and CBO, Chief Beauty Officer, and I am now Founder and CFO, Chief Flawless Officer.  What an AMAZING industry!! 



Sue Katz