Q & A with celebrity makeup artist Terri Apanasewicz

By Sandy Incardona (Vice President of Marketing and Sales)


(From left to right: Sue Katz, Terri Apanasewicz, Sandy Incardona)


I recently had the privilege of spending amazing afternoon with the one and only Terri Apanasewicz! For those of you who aren’t familiar with Terri’s work, she is one of the most talented makeup and hair artists out there! Her A-list clientele includes names like Kate Upton, Gisele Bundchen, Cindy Crawford, and so many more of the world’s most beautiful faces!


I’ve always wanted to sit down with Terri, someone whom I’m lucky to call my friend, and ask her a bunch of questions about her work! Terri has been such an incredible friend of the AmazingCosmetics brand. I’ve admired her talent for years. I’ve watched her magical hands create some of the most beautiful Red Carpet looks, magazine covers and CD covers… EVER! It’s truly mesmerizing to watch her work… watching a face come alive. Now if I could only get her to work her “magic” on me! But here is the next best thing, an exclusive interview with the one and only Terri Apanasewicz! Enjoy…


Sandy Incardona: Do you have a favorite look you like to create?


Terri Apanasewicz: Everything for me starts with creating a Flawless canvas. After that it simply depends on the client and the event.


SI: We’ve been so fortunate to have so many of your clients call our products their must-have’s can you share with our readers why you rely on AMAZINGCOSMETICS?


TA: First- The AMAZINGCONCEALER! It can be whatever I need it to be no matter who the client is, what their skin tone is or the event she’s going to. It ALWAYS looks natural- like skin. It is full coverage that you can’t see sitting on top of the skin. I can rely on AMAZINGCONCEALER…AND I DO.


SI: Is there anyone that you have not worked with yet that you would like to?


TA: Definitely, if there wasn’t I would feel like I needed to change careers. Here’s just a couple off the top of my head; Jennifer Lawrence, Scarlett Johansen & I worked with Mila Kunis during “That 70’s Show” era but I sure would love to work with her again.


SI: Is there anyone you’ve worked with that you wish you hadn’t…JK!  

TA: I’ll never tell!


SI: How has the professional makeup artist business changed over the years?


TA: WOW, with reality TV & social media, it has changed a lot. Now it’s not enough to be a talented artist and have high profile clients, it’s almost more important to have a big social media presence and with the web & reality TV more people are aware that it’s a job so it’s a lot more saturated.


SI: Do most of your clients, who happen to be some of the most beautiful and famous faces in Hollywood, and the music industry let you do what you want or do they ask you for a certain look?


TA: I’m so lucky to have the clients that I do. Not only are they beautiful faces they are beautiful people inside. I have a great rapport and we discuss what we’re going to do. I have to take in consideration what they are wearing, what is the event and also what they are feeling they want to project. It’s team work but they usually give me creative license.


SI: Can you tell us about the most unique experience that you’ve had to date working in this industry? Maybe a crazy place to set up, crazy request, crazy client, LOL! No names needed!!!!


TA: It’s hard to mention just one. This business is as “glamorous” as it is has its challenges, you have to be flexible and adapt to many personalities and environments. Here’s a funny day that just came to mind, talk about ad-libbing: I went to work with a young happening singer and for some reason I didn’t have any mascara in my kit. I know that sounds crazy! So I did a soft smoky eye on her and when she asked if I was going to do mascara I explained that for this look I wasn’t going to use any, it would be fresher & make the eye more sultry. She was trusting and didn’t question it. Now, it is the truth that not adding mascara sometimes is the way to go. It’s a look unto itself. I was just relieved that she didn’t insist cuz I would have been busted!!!


SI: Do “real gals” have anything in common with the “beauties” you work with? Meaning…do we share any of the same concerns about our makeup, products etc?


TA: Yes, we are all women. No matter what we have our insecurities, we all get a blemish now & then and we all have good days & bad days.


SI: What would you say to the girls out there reading this about what you feel is the most important product in your kit and why?


TA: Honestly the most important thing I can bring to a job is my calm and supportive self. As a makeup artist it’s up to me to not only make my clients look good esthetically but feel great so they can exude confidence which is the best beauty product for any woman. Besides that I don’t do a job without my Amazing Concealer.   I can brighten anyone’s day with it or at least their under eyes.


SI: If you were not the wildly successful professional makeup artist that you are today- what do you think you would be doing…or maybe what you’d like to do someday?


TA: I am an entrepreneur at the core of my being, so I’m always coming up with new business ventures and I’m looking forward to the day one or more of them take off. Maybe you’ll see me on Shark Tank!



Take a look at just a few of the fabulous faces that Terri has applied our amazing products to...






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Thank you to Terri for sitting down with me, answering my questions, and letting me share our conversation with all of our AmazingReaders out there!


Until next time,