AmazingGirls visit Chicago Fire

We recently got a chance to visit the set of Chicago Fire! It was so much fun to spend time with the lovely and talented makeup artists who work on the show, and who have been using AmazingCosmetics on the set since the pilot episode! We even got a glimpse of the gorgeous Taylor Kinney! 
We had the opportunity to talk to Head Makeup Artist on the show, Deb Dee, about her experience using one of our newest products, the Line Smoother Primer. Deb said that "fine lines (on cast members) really disappeared... it smoothed away the fine lines and dryness! Applied minimum concealer on top. I used less concealer than normal actually. I will keep using it - can't wait to see the results of long term use!"
Thanks to the entire makeup department for making us feel so welcome! 


AmazingGirls on set.


Taylor Kinney sighting!


Fire trucks ready for action.


Amazingly detailed bar set.


The AmazingGirls and the Amazing Makeup Department at Chicago Fire!



The AmazingTeam