Changing Skin in the Changing Seasons

It’s tough to say goodbye to my favorite season because sadly it’s so short-lived here in Chicago which is such an amazing city when the weather allows us to get outside. Besides missing all the fabulous activities, we can do outdoors in a weird way and only related to my skin will I miss the humidity that all but disappears when Fall and Winter hit. AMAZING COSMETICS is a color brand that specializes in concealer, foundation and primer but we work hard to infuse skincare-like ingredients into our products. And when there’s more moisture in the air the better our skin performs. So, if you’re like me you may be more ‘hair challenged’ when it’s humid but the up side is skin that’s more hydrated than during any other time of the year.

From the moment we formulated our hero product AMAZING COSMETICS AMAZING CONCEALER almost 20 years ago it’s been super emollient and never drying or caking. Wiping out imperfections like nobody’s business and why it’s a favorite of the pros. Hands down the best full coverage concealer on the market for doing away with dark circles. IT is truly the best! Long-wearing and water-resistant for combatting heat and humidity during the summer months but then silky, smooth during the rest of the year. Our HYDRATE Concealer is even more moisturizing. The creamy, elegant easy-to-use stick formula is a fav of celebs and does side duty in a darker shade as a great contouring tool. This year we rolled out SMOOTH our newest, unique innovation of concealer and foundation in one vessel. Concealer in the cap and foundation in the tube. As much as we can we make every effort to bring products to market that can do more than one thing. Because you asked for it the foundation is fluid and creamy and provides great coverage that lasts all day but is undetectable on the skin. Making it look like ‘you were born with it’. The sister concealer is a treatment product, smoothing fine lines while covering imperfections. This duo seamlessly adapts to the colder weather while offering a barrier to the harsher elements most of us are forced to battle over the next several months.

Finally, our primers add a little extra layer of protection as they help your complexion withstand the seasonal changes. Our LINE SMOOTHER + PRIMER is chockfull of skin enhancing ingredients and our ANTI-AGING FACE PRIMER is a soft, silky gel-like formula that not only helps your concealer and foundation stay put all day but it too gives your skin the extra moisture it’s going to need as the chill sets in. Don’t forget our newest addition to our primer assortment our ILLUMINATE PRIMER + HIGHLIGHTER. This luxurious product not only adds moisture to the skin but helps brighten and eliminates sun spots (I know, I do wear sunscreen and so should you but sometimes we still get a spot or two) all while providing a sexy, subtle shimmer of color that let’s face it we may need as that summer glow begins to fade.

So, in closing I will do my best to embrace the positives that Fall offers but it’ll help in knowing that my skin will shine and yours can too with some TLC and some AMAZING products. 😘