Face Framing: The secret to creating a perfectly defined face

A natural, no makeup look is the trend (and always in style in my opinion), but that doesn’t mean you have to settle with a flat look.

That’s where our AmazingConcealer Hydrate comes in and can take you from monotone to multi-dimensional in a few swipes! It’s rich and creamy formula is easy to blend and seamlessly melts into your skin.

For the first step, swipe the concealer at your temples, down the middle of your cheekbones (not under, as you would for contour) and directly under your chin line. Then blend! Blend it into your hairline at your temples, down your cheekbones and into your neck for a subtle tint of healthy color and definition. Trust us when we say it’s a secret pro-makeup artists have been doing for years!

We recommend our Light Caramel shade if you are light or lighter, and our Dark Caramel or Deep Golden shade if you are medium or darker for the most natural, no makeup look.