Makeup Love

For me it started when I was a young girl. I’d poke around with my mom’s stuff like a lot of us probably did. When you’re younger you want to be older and when you’re older you want to be younger, so I couldn’t wait until I was old enough to wear makeup. Honestly that was so long ago, I don’t recall exactly how old I was but it was probably late junior high or early high school.

Even back then I was never one to wear an overabundance of products. Less is more has pretty much been my mantra all along. Nevertheless, I do wear something every day, even if I’m not going out, which these days is pretty much all the time.

I’m also an art lover. I even majored in it in college, so I find applying beauty products to be something of an artistic experience... not to mention that it’s plain fun! The explosion of makeup tutorials online proves that I’m not alone. I bet a lot of people who love makeup and do a really good job with it, but only for themselves, not professionally, may not believe they’re good at art - but if you love applying cosmetics there’s a love for the genre in you.

Makeup makes me feel good. It’s always given me that little bit of extra confidence in my appearance. I know our outside isn’t a mirror to our inside. I get that and absolutely believe it, but I also say, do what makes you feel good. If no makeup is your jam, then that’s awesome. If you love makeup, then that’s awesome too.

The best part of what we do is knowing that our products offer people that same confidence, and that’s important to us. So, we’re going to continue our life-long love affair with makeup and we love that you’re along for the ride.