SMALL Beauty vs. BIG Beauty

When we first started the company, we swore we wanted to offer a small assortment of products and do them very well. As you’ve probably noticed we’ve added some but have stayed pretty true to that initial goal. Going back 20+ years, there were what we thought were often too many choices when it came to beauty brands product range. We had no idea how the world would become even more chockfull with things, increasing the headache as to how to decide on what product and or service to purchase.

We loved the idea of an edited, tailored brand that focused on quality and product efficacy. We know we’ve been successful in doing this, but it’s a constant pull, pressure if you will from the outside to offer more and more. Is quantity really more important than quality? Frankly maybe we’d be a bigger company if we went down that path, but we just don’t believe in operating that way. It’s difficult to find very many companies that offer hundreds of options that can honestly say that each one could be considered a brand hero. One whose excellence they can tout. I’ve not seen it. The consumer is inevitably disappointed and that’s just not something we want to do to you. We buy stuff too and know the feeling ☹.

Over the last couple of months, I purchased some products in the consumer goods sector based on positive reviews from two Influencers I follow that I feel are pretty genuine. I was hesitant because the items were the type of products with claims that normally I’d be somewhat skeptical about believing, but I went ahead because I trusted the Influencers and wanted to benefit from what allegedly the products could offer. Unfortunately, and really not surprisingly, none of what I bought worked in any way, shape or form as to justify the claims. All were a complete waste of money. It’s that feeling that we never want our customers to feel and when you begin diluting your range with product after product, it becomes challenging even if you grow your team to help maintain brand integrity.

Brands are pushed by retailers, press, social media and even their customers for NEW! That only NEW is a value and that besides new they want MORE! That bigger is better. It can be exhausting and can take your eye off of what’s most important, which is operating a business that’s about people, for people and making sure that what you’re offering does what it says it’s going to do. That your customer doesn’t walk away disappointed in your brand because you’re distracted by growth, therefore risking what made you interesting and desirable in the first place.

Hopefully we’re doing right by you all. We continue to be grateful for your loyalty and if you’re NEW to the brand welcome, we thank you for being here and in this case NEW is good ☺.