We're EU Compliant! Here's What That Means...

There’s a lot of information floating around in the beauty business on ingredients and what’s good and what’s bad. Natural or organic. What does ‘clean’ really mean and are those claims made up, somewhat ambiguous, a marketing tool? Well yeah, kinda.

I suppose we could have attempted to jump on one of those bandwagons, but we felt it would come off as disingenuous. We’re a 20+ year old brand and we believe our loyal customers would have seen right through a major pivot. We are who we are.

Instead, we can affirm with sincerity and authenticity a couple of things. Our products are EU compliant, and we’ve worked with the same lab since day one. They’re a family business like ours that operates with the same integrity we do. Our principles are aligned, hence why we’ve been attached at the hip for so long.

What does EU compliant mean and why is it important to you? We were an early internet start-up and understood that because our only retail channel was e-commerce at the time, we knew we had to work under a global mindset. We looked to Europe as our benchmark for excellence. We understood their standards for cosmetics and what ingredients were allowed for use, were superior to most other countries including the US. Animal testing is forbidden as well, and we certainly don’t believe it in either. Europe bans close to 2K ingredients. The process to be able to have a product approved for sale throughout the EU is intensive, time consuming and honestly costly but something we’ve never regretted doing.

We may not be the biggest brand in the space, but we believe in bringing our customers the highest performing and highest quality products. For us, being able to stay in the game against a lot of odds, we think we’re doing okay and we hope you do too.