Shaving Your Face - Yes or No?

Just because I own a cosmetic company doesn’t mean I’m an expert on skin, but I do what I can and what feels right for me. I research a lot and then experiment like maybe a lot of you do as well.

Full transparency I’ve been shaving my face for quite a while. Sometimes referred to as derma-planing. Years ago, I’d bleach the hair above my upper lip to lighten my dark hairs. Waxing was never my thing. All it did was cause a breakout which then morphed into several weeks of misery. But yet I was no fan of the dark hairs on my face or the peach fuzz. I first began shaving when I saw an Influencer touting these inexpensive blades available on Amazon. They looked effective, simple to use and I knew it was something I wanted to try.

I cannot tell you how reasonably priced these are on top of how good they work. Under $5 for two packs of three blades. Personally, I shave once a week and use the same blade until it dulls so my purchase lasts a very long time. I shave anywhere I see a need so not only above my lip. I go pretty much all over my face. Pay attention and be careful because it’s still a blade but it’s tiny and not intimidating in the least. Tip: be careful around your brows so as to not accidentally shave those! It’s an oddly addicting action and your skin feels so good when you’ve finished. So much smoother which then allows your makeup to glide on like silk.

By shaving my face, I no longer worry about bleaching or waxing. It’s been the perfect solution for me. I’ll readily admit I do get some tiny ingrown hairs around my chin (apologies if that’s too much information) but that’s a whole different quandary I have to deal with and something that shaving hasn’t resolved. Probably laser hair removal one of these days…

I’ve heard people ask over and over if shaving will make your hair grow back thicker and faster and I’ve also read over and over that it will not. I can attest to that myself. No worries - my hair does NOT grow back like a man’s and yours won’t either.

Acknowledging there’s a lot of devices and tools out there some expensive and some not but at least for me these little blades do the job. I can’t see spending a penny more for something ‘higher-end’ or paying for a service that’ll take care of it for me.