Oily or Dry? Your Makeup Routine.

First and foremost, whether you have oily or dry skin, taking care of your face all year round is best to achieve the most natural makeup application. It’s that simple, makeup simply looks better on skin that has been cleansed, exfoliated and hydrated.

That said, sometimes no matter how well we care for our complexions, our natural tendencies to be oily or dry overrule all of these efforts.


All skins need primer (read our blog on this!)

Primers fill in the blanks, blur and help your concealer and/or foundation stay true to color and last all day. Using a foundation or concealer without a primer will have you using more product than needed, and might have you running for touch ups all day.

Oilier complexions will do better using a primer with less silicone slip like our Illuminate Primer + Highlighter. This primer delivers a subtle radiance that helps to blur those imperfections as well as helps to control some of those pesky oils. If you are not a fan of the radiance, then our Anti Aging Face Primer is a great second choice with less slip than most primers out there.

Our Anti Aging Face Primer is an absolute must for dry skin. Loaded with the botanical Cassia Angustifolia, it helps your skin retain its own moisture for all day protection. (Ok, even oily skin needs that!)


Not all complexions need full coverage

Adding too much product onto an oily complexion will not only make your face feel even heavier, but your natural oils might start breaking down the product, so by end of day you look blotchy. We recommend using pin dot amounts of our AmazingConcealer or SMOOTH Foundation only on areas that need coverage, then finishing with our Velvet Mineral Powderset. This no-color jet milled powder keeps oils under control and fills in the blanks from acne scars and best of all, does not sit on top of skin or look dry like some powders can.

Dry skin can use the help of super emollient, like featherweight formulas such as our SMOOTH Concealer & Foundation Duo as well as our AmazingConcealer Hydrate. Both these formulas (well actually all of our formulas) are loaded with good for your skin botanicals, vitamins, peptides and ceramides that help skin maintain a healthy hydrated glow.


For the most natural look, all complexions should stay away from anything with the word MATTE. We are all meant to be radiant and glowing no matter what mother nature has given us! If you want to find the perfect Amazing Products for you based on your skin type, take our product lineup quiz!