Wishing You A Boo-tiful Halloween!

It’s that time of year again. Almost the witching day/hour. I’ll admit Halloween is fun, but it’s not a holiday I make a big deal out of. A lot of which has to do with the weather. I’m in the Midwest, and for most of my adult life the weather itself can be more frightful than the actual holiday. Last year it snowed and that was scary. I cannot remember the last time that happened on 10/31.

I’m like a lot of people who tend to look at the past with rose colored glasses, so maybe this is that, but I feel like when I was young the weather was tolerable and sometimes even more than tolerable. I recall visiting haunted houses as a teen with my friends. And I recall as a younger kid wearing my costume and NOT having to wear a winter coat over it. But who knows maybe as I age my memory is deceiving me?

Obviously, this year will be different than many others regardless of where you live. But to bring it back to that pesky weather, if it’s reasonably nice out, we have a plan to at least make it fun for the kids in our neighborhood. We’ll socially distance and put a table out with candy that’s been separated for each person. We’ll hang out on our porch with a good old-fashioned cocktail and be sure to refill the candy piles (and maybe our glasses) as needed. We’ll add some spooky decorations and hope the day passes as something similar to what it’s been like before.

As far as fashion and beauty go, I’ve got a great witch’s hat, a fabulous eye mask - plus the usual Covid mask but in black in honor of the holiday - and some awesome, spooky jewelry. I’ll be in all black, which is honestly not too different from my everyday look! My Halloween makeup will be minimal because honestly, I’ll be mostly covered up. However, I highly recommend if the spirit moves you to check out our Illuminate Primer Highlighter in Glow and our Illuminate Eye Primer in Moonlight Lavender for gorgeous, bewitching radiance that’ll last all night long.

Wishing you a boo-tiful Halloween!